After the beta CTF in the winters, we now present to you the actual second CTF to be held in Utkarsh with prizes to be won of Rs. 2k!. This time again, the problem setters are Akshat Malviya (2nd Year) and Anant Mishra (3rd Year). I am happy that we’d be continuing to hold the event on my web terminal project.

The Event

The event will be held on 10th March ,2019 from a 9AM for a 15 hours duration. The event will be hosted on The prize money for this event is Rs 2000/- for the top three participants.


Steps to participate -

  • Signup on the platform using your institute email address on or before 09th March Mignight.
  • On 10th March, verification email for your registered email-ids would be sent. Email-IDs which would not be verified wouldn’t be able to participate.
  • On 10th March, you would be able to see the problems after the event starts and you verify your email.


  • It is a standard CTF with a flag to every level.
  • Each level can be accessed anytime, and each level has a score that can be earned for that level.
  • For each level you can access a hint, all hints can be accessed throughout the contest.
  • A 20% of the score of associated to the level would be deducted for hint access to that level once the level is cleared.
  • Participants should not carry out any attacks on the CTF infrastructure.
  • There should be no collaboration between different participants and flag sharing is not allowed.
  • In case of any kind of suspicion on any participant for violating any of the rules or cheating of any kind, the participant would be banned from the event without any warning and account would be deleted.

Mock Contest

For testing the platform and to practice questions, you can mock try the beta contest. For details on it, click here.